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Incriminating Still & Video Evidence

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What appears to be molten steel pours from a fracture in the wall of WTC south tower. Steel melts at 2500 F. The only other known sources of heat on that day were jet fuel, (which burns at 1500 F) and office fires (which burn at an even lower temperature, owing to oxygen starvation). The NYFD Fire Director was on the impacted floors and reported an orderly evacuation, i.e., no extraordinary heat. The most likely source of heat sufficient to melt steel support columns is thermite, an incendiary premixture of powdered iron oxide and granular aluminum. [source]

The crash site consists of a rather small impact crater surrounded by undisturbed lawn or mowed field. The crater is more consistent with the effect of a smaller aircraft in a vertical, power dive. Prior to 9/11 every serious commercial airliner terrestrial impact followed the same pattern, a gouge rather than a crater, a debris field consisting of aircraft parts, passenger seats and any other element of the aircraft separable by collision, and a blackened, generally burned area. All three aspects are missing from this and other images of the crash site, barring only minor elements. [source]

Virtually all video images taken of the plane about to strike the south tower of the World Trade Center show a bright flash within the building wall just ahead of the incoming aircraft. This is not an electric discharge, as some have claimed. Not only is such a bright discharge unlikely, there is no discharge path between the aircraft and the building. Indeed, some videos, taken at an oblique angle, show an elliptical shape to the flash, a bright disk, as it were, seen from the side. It may reasonably be supposed that a charge of thermite planted at the planned impact site was ignited a few seconds before impact, reaching an incandescent temperature just before impact. The purpose of such a charge (along with other charges inside the building) would be to “soften” the target, allowing the entire aircraft to enter the building, ensuring that no part of it would fall to the street below. [source]

Outer support columns for the World Trade Center north tower are hurled outward 70 meters or more by the force of explosives going off sequentially inside the tower. Such force could not be produced by the compressed air of “pancaking.” (See the video to the right for a normal demolition job.) The purpose of the explosives may have been to ensure that the interior columns, far more massive than the outer ones, did not remain standing – as they certainly would have in a pancaking mechanism. The grey clouds appear to be largely concrete, pulverized into fine dust by the same explosives. [source]

The World Trade Center Building 7 had a few small office fires burning on a few floors, with no possibility whatever of a fire-induced collapse. Indeed, the building’s leaseholder, Larry Silverstein, has admitted on videotape to having the building brought down by controlled demolition or “pulled.” Note that as the building collapses, the effect of compressed air trapped inside the structure is negligible. The explosives used in this case were probably the ones normally employed in “pulling” buildings, there being no massive interior support columns to retard the collapse. Obviously, the building was pre-wired for demolition well before 9/11. [source]

This scene of the Pentagon shows a series of rather small holes on the ground floor where a Boeing 757 is alleged to have struck the building. The largest hole in the ground floor is about 15 meters wide, only a fraction of the wingspan of a Boeing 757. (See our site logo image just above this gallery on the index page for an idea of the scale.) The wings of a Boeing cannot possibly “fold up and follow the aircraft in” as one official explanation had it, nor could they have been “vaporized” by a jet fuel (kerosene) fire. Nor, given the extreme rigidity of the aircraft’s internal structure, could the Pentagon have acted like vegetable slicer. Indeed, windows are still intact in many place where the wings should have gone through. [source]

In this image, taken a few days after 9/11 (and before the cleanup began), a row of massive box columns, major supporting structure of the WTC towers, can be seen extending from the right foreground into the left background. Each column has been cut with a high-intensity incendiary compound, in all likelihood, thermate. Each cut is diagonal to facilitate the lateral dislocation of the upper member, guaranteeing its orderly collapse. This is a standard procedure for the more modest cutting charges used in regular demolition work) Without the application of such techniques, no “pancaking” of floors would have been possible, given the immense vertical strength of the columns.

This remarkable transformation (left image) of Ousama bin Laden (right image) occurred on December 13, 2001 as part of a videotape that was one of several released to the media over the years since 9/11. Either he had been compressed vertically by some awesome force, then baked in an oven for an hour — or the image on the left is not bin Laden. The conclusion being obvious, it is sad to realize how easily this duplicity passed through media hands with nary a whisper of suspicion. In the end, it becomes a question of incompetence, compliance or complicity. It strains credulity to think that such a large collection of professional people could have attained such a degree of collective stupidity.

The damaged engine shown in the image on the left was among the crash debris found at the Pentagon. It happens to match the engine shown on the right, a JT8D engine manufactured by Pratt & Whitney, except the damaged engine has lost its rotor blades. The JT8D is apparently used in the A3 Skywarrior, among other aircraft. However, the JT8D is NOT used on heavier aircraft like the Boeing 700-series passenger jets, as it is much too small to be an effective power plant for such aircraft. It follows that, whatever aircraft struck the Pentagon, it was not a Boeing 767, as claimed by the White House on September 11, 2001.

A ground zero witness has some interesting description of events – he describes floors explosions happening along building height toward bottom during collapse and just before.

Previously unpublished footage of the collapse of the World Trade Center Tower 7 from a new angle. This raw footage alone drives home the point the absurdity of such a significant structure collapsing spontaneously. The collapse follows a ‘classic’ controlled demolition model perfectly.

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