630AA Image Acoustic Ten2 w/Effects【アンプ】【ベース用】【コンボ】【送料無料】 Amp Combo Convertible 600W 1ch 1ch S4-アンプ




Features - Amp head
Extended frequency range, high fidelity sound
Light weight (<4 lbs.), small size (10.2 x 8.2 x 3.5)
Unique, slanted front chassis
Mounts in cabinet using Cabrio Docking System
Separate XLR and 1/4 inch inputs in each channel can be used simultaneously
48V phantom power and 10 dB gain select for mic input
Input level control per channel
Four band EQ per channel
Selectable phase reverse and sweepable low cut filter per channel (phase reverse can be converted to low pass speaker emulation filter with internal jumper option)
Effects loop per channel
Selectable reverb and delay effects with level and rate controls and pseudo stereo output
Direct out with selectable 10 dB pad, pre/post switch and ground lift Headphone output
Switchable limiter
Mute switch
Mono or stereo output from the preamp section
Selectable internal jumper options for gain and stereo operation
High fidelity, low noise operation: 110 dB SNR at direct out
Automatic voltage switching for universal AC mains operation
650 Watt output at 4 ohms (music power)
Dual speaker outputs with speakon connectors

Features - Speaker Cabinet
Sealed two way speaker system
Lightweight (34 lbs) structural foam cabinet
Downfiring + forward firing poly cone 10 inch drivers + 2.5 inch tweeter with level control
Exclusive Room Coupling Control for DF woofer
Comes with a fitted slip cover with shoulder strap

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630AA Image Acoustic Ten2 w/Effects【アンプ】【ベース用】【コンボ】【送料無料】 Amp Combo Convertible 600W 1ch 1ch S4-アンプ

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